Sex Attracting Pheromones

Sex Attracting Pheromones


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Description: Looking to Attract potential mates? Thank god for modern science we can replicate real human sex pheromones. Amazing results guaranteed.
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2016-05-27 02:53:00
I use this stuff every time I go out on the town, and every time I end up attracting the ladies it has to be the pheromones...

2016-05-19 03:01:21
When im out clubbing with my mates this pheromone stuff attracts the ladies. Im not tall or much of a looker .. but they seem to attract to me, it can only be one thing. highly recommend pheromone to anyone wanting to get noticed by the opposite sex.

2016-05-11 10:46:15

2014-10-17 02:21:55
Your answer lifts the inngelieltce of the debate.

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